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Nautilus Strength Circuit $3100 at Fitness Rush Atlanta

This is a Preowned Nautilus Strength Circuit which includes 6 stations. Please phone or email Walter to purchase this strength circuit.

Included is a Leg Extension which has a nice fluid movement for increasing your quadricep and lower body strength and flexibility. Adjustable seat pad to insure your legs are properly aligned for maximum fitness results. Just place the pop pin in the weight stack where you choose the resistance and enjoy your leg workout.

Leg Curl Seated for increased flexibility and strength concentrating on the back part of your leg like hamstrings while you are seated. Just adjust the seat to insure your ankles are on the leg curl pads so you can push down comfortably, adjust the weight stack to your liking and enjoy a beneficial leg workout.

Vertical Multi Chest Press is a very multi purpose upper body chest press station. After you adjust the seat to your comfort level, adjust the weight stack to the positive resistance you want to benefit from. Then you have several options to press forward with including Incline Chest Press, Flat Bench Press, and even Decline Chest Press by utilizing the floating arm bars.

Iso Lateral Lat Pulldown for an enjoyable motion which feels like natural everyday movements which helps your upper back muscles engage when pulling on the individual handles. The muscles engaged are the Lats which help form the V-shape we all enjoy.

Seated Bicep Curl station for the most shown comic book muscles in our body which is the upper arm muscles. Popeye probably exercised on a machine like this. You have two options for hand positions so you can work the inside and outside biceps, angled arm pad for proper alignment and effective pump, adjustable seat for proper body alignment for your arms on the arm pad.

Tricep Press Down Station with adjustable seat, adjustable leg hold down, and floating handles, to provide you strength exercise in your triceps. Your tricep muscles can help you push stronger and are essential to balance your upper arms.

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