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How To Buy Used Gym Equipment

Posted by Walter Rush on

Used elliptical bike

One of the very best ways you can build up your commercial or home gym is by buying equipment second hand. Especially if you are on a tight budget. And when you consider that you can purchased a used product from a variety of places such as brick and mortar stores, online, garage sales, thrift stores, etc. it's just too easy to pass up such a great deal.

But, how do you know that what you are buying is of good quality? After all, it won't be much of a "deal" if it ends up breaking down in 2 months.

So here's our guide on how to properly buy used gym equipment.

1. If you are buying from a retailer - you may hear them use any of the following phrases:

  • Reconditioned
  • Floor model
  • Remanufactured
  • Pre-owned

Know that there are no set rules governing this lingo and every store owner can use each phrase to mean something specific to them. So, before you buy anything, ask for a written document (or at least a detailed explanation) of what each one of these words mean to that specific business.

2. Know that there is a difference between used exercise equipment for the home and those for a commercial gym. Generally, the type of machines that go into gyms are much more durable and can withstand the many hours of usage.

If for example you are looking to purchase a used elliptical machine for your home gym, make sure that you educate yourself on the manufacturer's detailed description and reviews to make sure you're not paying more for an elliptical that is intended for high volume use.

3. Ask about a warranty. Is there one? How much longer is it for? Read over the details of that warranty. It's a small chance that a used piece of gym equipment will include a warranty but it's worth asking for it.

4. Once you found what you are looking for, research the exact model online.

  • read reviews - you want to know how well it works, how long it lasts, any specific problems or "cons" about it, etc.
  • check for any recalls from the manufacturer
  • how much does it cost brand new
  • you can type in the exact model number into Google to get most of this information

5. If you are buying it from a retailer, check the price with other used exercise equipment retailers. It's a smart move to compare costs and services. Most reputable retailers will have already checked it for any problems and can help you make the decision as to which machine would work best for your needs.

6. If you are buying it from an individual you will have to be more proactive by asking the following questions.

  • How long have you had it?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • How much did you pay for it?
  • When did you buy it?
  • Why are you selling it?
  • How much have you used it?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you hate about it?
  • Are there any missing parts?
  • How much maintenance does it require?
  • Did you replace it with something else?

7. No matter who or where you are buying your used exercise equipment from, you should of course, inspect it and test it. And that means test all the features it has.

Inspect it for any wear and tear. Knowing if you have to replace a band or electronic board, etc. beforehand will help you to know if you are getting a good price and what amount of work you may have to put into it before you can use it as intended.

Why Buy Used Gym Equipment?

There are two main reasons why you should consider buying used exercise equipment instead of new.

1) The most common reason is the cost. Used gym equipment will save you money which may give you the opportunity to purchase accessories or another exercise machine.

2) Most used fitness equipment are in very good condition so you're not losing out on the quality of the product.

Where To Buy Used Exercise Equipment

These days, there are a variety of places that you could look at to purchase that used treadmill or power rack that you want.

  • Retailers like FitnessRush
  • Yard sales
  • Online classifieds like Craig's list
  • Local gyms that are either closing down or upgrading
  • Online apps such as Letgo, OfferUp, Poshmark and many more.

All in all, buying used gym equipment can be a financially smart way to build up your home or commercial gym.

If you have any questions about exercise equipment (new or used) contact Fitness Rush in Buford, Ga. today at 770-712-5392. We offer free shipping on all of our products.

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