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Functional Training

Posted by WW Rush on

Growing up playing in the woods and pastures I began functional training at an early age. To have strong legs, core, back, arms, I climbed trees almost daily, jumped across every creek I found, and hurdled over any downed pine trees in my path.

Much later in life as an adult I found my flexibility and strength remained as I started my weight lifting days in a small Mississippi gym owned by a motorcycle cop who had been a top tier competitor. He was cutting edge in functional training. I remember seeing 2 eye bolts in the ceiling and a cable running thru it. One end of the cable had a handle you hold and the other end had a place to add weight plates, which you pulled from the ground upward through the eye bolt in ceiling, and you could not let them swing. You had to go so slow that the first rep would get your attention, then you had to do at least 10 or you were not a man. Over 20 years past and I saw a machine called a functional trainer. I immediately preferred this machine over having several others to maximize space and save money in my Personal Training studio, gyms, and personal garage gym at home.

A Functional Trainer machine can cost from one thousand dollars upwards depending on how sturdy you need the functional trainer to be. The gauge of steel has much to do with pricing and the stability of the machine when you are using the functional trainer. Other considerations are will the machine be used for commercial purpose with several users or just for the family. One of our heavy duty builders of strength equipment is Muscle Dynamics, aka Muscle D. Muscle D Functional Trainers are built for the long term user who is serious about strength and flexibility. The majority of their machines are commercial warrantied and can be put anywhere. Muscle D functional trainers are a great choice no matter which of their models you decide on.

Fitness Rush has a functional trainer machine to fit any budget or space requirement. I also exercise on a functional trainer in my office and in my garage gym. Instead of having tons of dumbbells I save space, the functional trainer allows me to do almost any dumbbell movement and safer because I don't have weights in my hands over my head, just the functional handles. By changing the handles on the functional trainer you can do single push or pull with stirrup handles, or with another handle perform tricep push downs. If you put an ankle cuff on one of the functional trainer cable anchors, you can do leg resistance exercises. By adding a multi purpose weight bench you can use each side of the functional when you adjust the height and weight of the cable anchor points where you prefer to start the exercise. I do squats, lunges and exercises for my chest, back, shoulders, core, and arms with a functional trainer.

 When purchasing a functional trainer be mindful why you are investing in your health. When you purchase wisely, then you only buy one functional trainer for years to come. I have several functional trainer machine options on my website we can discuss if you would like additional information. 

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