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Top 4 Must Have Home Gym Accessories

Posted by Walter Rush on

As an active fitness consultant with 30 plus years in the exercise industry and avid exercise enthusiast I am often asked what is the primary exercise equipment to consider for effective exercise results.

When you desire to increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance, you really want to think about all the ways you move daily.

Our quest for success involves being happy and our happiness certainly depends on our health. When we exercise consistently and correctly our bodies increase circulation while we are working out. This in turn promotes outstanding wellness rewards.

In order to enjoy your exercise you don't need to go all out each training session and as a matter of fact if you do take your every workout session to the max you will quickly get tired and frustrated.

Wellness is to be enjoyed and will be more productive during and after each exercise session if you plan your workout time in advance to optimize your daily objectives.

Your Home Gym Essentials

 An important part of your exercise routine plan is to have the optimum exercise equipment in your workout space. 

From over 30 years of experience I have learned there are 4 essential home gym accessories. 

1) Workout Bench

YORK ST Flat-To-Incline Bench

  • One is a sturdy workout bench that preferably can adjust easily from flat to incline to decline positions.
  • This type bench is typically called an FID bench defined as flat, incline, decline.
  • Your FID exercise bench from the decline position will allow you to use the bench as an adjustable abdominal board or for dumbbell workouts.
  • You can also use your FID bench as a workout bench inside a power rack or smith machine.
  • Most FID benches have wheels which allows them to be moved very easy by anyone.
  • A good sturdy FID bench has several options to chose the most comfortable angle for your particular exercise routine from decline to military position which is almost a straight up seated position.
  • From the military position you can workout shoulders or perform bicep routines plus more since your back will be comfortable and allow you proper alignment.
  • Each FID bench will allow traditional flat bench workouts, and incline bench exercises for upper chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • A quality FID bench is a must for correct exercise routines and opportunities for any level athlete or person wanting to be and stay stronger.

2) Rubber Coated Dumbbells

Body Solid Rubber Coated Dumbbells

  • To get the most out of your exercise routine a nice set of rubber coated dumbbells are essential.
  • Rubber coated dumbbells are going to look and stay nicer even after years of workouts.
  • Rubber coated dumbbells are the most used dumbbells by Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Gym owners, across the USA.
  • The dumbbell sets in most of the workout spaces include 5 to 50 pounds, or 75 pounds, and some up to 100 pounds plus.
  • Traditionally the rubber dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds are most effective and the go to for almost anyone wanting to workout smarter.
  • With a nice set of rubber dumbbells you can workout all muscle groups in several different ways.
  • Grab a set of rubber coated 20 pound dumbbells and begin lunging or performing squats for wonderful lower body fitness.
  • You can always begin with less and move up, just grab the rubber dumbbell that is most comfortable and move better.
  • There are tons of exercise options with rubber coated dumbbells alone and when you want to turn up your results perform dumbbell exercise on your fid workout bench.

3) Dumbbell Rack

  • Organization in your workout room or garage gym is paramount if you want to enjoy quick exercise routines without wondering where your dumbbells are located or if they are all there.
  • A well built dumbbell rack which is 2 tier will hold most 5 to 50 pound rubber coated dumbbell sets.
  • Generally this dumbbell rack is about 4 foot wide so the rack takes minimal space for organized dumbbell sets and you will thank yourself for racking your dumbbells each time you workout.

4) Home Gym Body Workout Equipment

BodyCraft T3 Total Training Tower

  • The fourth item you should add to your workout space to complete your exercise endeavors is a well built exercise tool which allows you to exercise your back muscles plus more.
  • Your back is a muscle group which needs constant attention to insure you stay balanced and healthy.
  • The tool I have in my garage gym or home gym for back routines plus much more is the BodyCraft T3 Lifetree.
  • This choice is obvious when you compare all of the other options for back exercises.
  • I love a one stop workout tool which not only provides you great back routines and other exercise options no matter the level of your expertise.
  • The BodyCraft T3 is a favorite and natural go to because it also comes standard with 3 levels of resistance bands you can hook up on the T3 to learn to do chin-ups and dips which are super effective body weight exercises for great upper body and core engagement and strength.
  • I have yet to find a more versatile exercise tool than the BodyCraft T3 and I know you will smile as you exercise effectively on this compact and essential home gym accessory.
  • From the T3 you can also perform push-ups, assisted dips, or with your free bodyweight.
  • There is a ball included as well as straps to help you do hanging leg raises for supreme core workouts and activation.
  • The ball is a 45 centimeter ball which can be removed from the BodyCraft T3 for additional stability exercises.
  • There are several places designed into the BodyCraft T3 where you can attach your resistance bands which are included with the T3 for leg exercises, core exercise, or upper body exercise options.
  • You can workout your entire body from the T3 alone and engage your bodyweight exercises assisted or free form.

When you add the fid bench, rubber coated dumbbells and dumbbell rack, to the T3, you have an unbeatable home gym, garage gym, or additions to your existing workout space.

If you have any questions or need help about putting together an optimal home gym - call me, Walter Rush at Fitness Rush today. Number is 770-712-5392 or email me - I'll be happy to help.

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